Mar 18, 2010

Tabula Rasa

So...angelfood cake. Who doesn't love it? Light, fluffy, sweet, but not overwhelming. Addictive. But really more of a blank slate than anything else. I'd gladly sit down and eat a piece of angelfood cake, but it has to be with something. It isn't like red velvet cake (be still my heart) where it is completely satisfying on its own.

Yes, we can go the whipped cream route. That's pretty traditional for my family. And to be honest, I love whipped cream. My parents would be quick to point out that when I was in high school, I'd come home late on the weekends and sit down in front of the TV with a tub of cool whip, mix in some chocolate chips, and watch some late night rubbish. But alas, my taste buds crave more. Not that I'm past eating out of the tub. I guess I just want other options.

My husband and I invited my sister and her boyfriend over for dinner a few weeks ago, and for dessert we picked angelfood cake. It's her favorite, and I wanted to make it special. The solution?

Ok, so it doesn't have a name. How about "delicious topping for the tabula rasa"? Sounds scrumptious yet philosophical. Here's how it's made.

Allow a container of marscapone cheese to sit out for a few minutes to soften and get to room temperature. Add 1 part marscapone cheese and 1 part fruit preserves. Mix together with a blender. This allows the mixture to be incorporated evenly, as well as adding some fluff to the mixture. Lastly, add 1 part whipped cream and fold together (play with the ratios as desired).

I used seedless raspberry jam for this particular topping because my sister has dietary restrictions that don't allow her to eat seeds. Plus, raspberry is delicious.

It has a fabulously creamy and light texture, along with a tangy sweetness that pairs wonderfully with angelfood cake. Mix some up and slather it on your blank slate.

p.s. like the quennelle?

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