Mar 27, 2010


I have no recipe to offer. Only a few pictures and a description.
What is it, you ask?

Ox Tail.

I saw it on a menu and seized the opportunity to try it!

I have only heard Paula Deen mention ox tail on Food Network once. Otherwise, I do not claim to have any knowledge of how to prepare this dish.

If I had to guess, I'd say it was stewed for a few hours. This probably included some type of meat-based stock, as well as some tomato-type product (sauce or paste), as there was a reddish tint to the sauce. Included were some bay leaves (one found its way onto my problem), and stewed onions, as well as red and green peppers. The star of the show was the ox tail, on the bone (which no doubt added to the flavor of the sauce).

All that said, it was delicious. The meat was literally falling off the bone. And most importantly, what did it taste like? No, not chicken. Truthfully, it tasted like a tender and fatty pot roast--in a good way. The sides included white rice, black beans, and fried plantains. A really tasty Cuban meal.

And yes, that is a vertebrae :-) Don't shy away, the meal was delicious!

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