Jun 1, 2010

What, You Wanna Cookie?

I feel so behind on this blog. I have folders full of pictures on my computer, recipes and posts swirling around in my head...but the weather is beautiful. And I've been busy putting in my veggie garden (ha, that's another post)!

Well, here is something. Actually, it's way more than something. It is, in all reality, the best cookie I have ever eaten. I'm salivating a bit right now just thinking about it. Darn it, why don't I have any cookies in this house!?

This cookie is an absolute must-buy if you are in NYC. Totally worth it. $4 and 8 oz. of delicious, chewy, moist-inside-firm-outside goodness. And don't read over that 8 oz. comment without really thinking about it. It's kind of a monster. A meal of sorts, in fact the kind of meal that I could really get used to. That is, if my goal was to look like Jabba the Hut. It is buttery, rich, and fall-apart delicious. If you are concerned about the calories, just buy a few for your friends and carry them home with you. The weight of the bag alone will be a workout sure to burn off that 8 oz. of delight.

Levain Bakery, a little hole-in-the-wall of a place, makes 4 varieties. Chocolate chip walnut (my choice of indulgence), oatmeal raisin (the only kind I didn't sample), chocolate peanut butter (oh yeah!), and dark chocolate chip (oh honey hush!). The three I tried were all fabulous. And no, I did not eat 24 oz. of cookie. I stole some samples from my sister and mom. And almost got my fingers bitten off in the process. Still worth it. I saved a cookie to bring home to my husband. Four days later, when he was able to eat it, even he agreed it was the best cookie he's ever eaten. That says something.

I know some food blogs can be all dramatic and romanticize foods that are solidly mediocre. This isn't one of those times. Do yourself a favor and stop by. Send me a sample...I'll help pay for the extra postage :-)

Levain Bakery
167 W 74th

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