Feb 27, 2010

Food Attitude

Just like anything in this world, there are as many attitudes about things as there are people to have attitudes. Everyone has an opinion. I certainly have one about food.

Let's be frank. I strongly dislike the "hoity-toity" attitude that all food must be refined, plated beautifully, and include a laundry list of ingredients. Sure, I like to eat food prepared in this way. Sometimes.

Here is my approach to food: all types of food should be presented in a way that is very non-threatening. I think food should be approachable. If you want to make something, do it! Granted, I am no culinary expert. I dabble with preparations that might be beyond me. But, so what? If I like something, I eat it. I feel like I'm rambling. Anyway, I never want to be pretentious. My goal in making food is for it to (of course) be delicious, but to bring people together. Gather around the table and enjoy the smells and tastes of a great dish or dessert.

My approach also dictates my use of recipes. I don't. Well...ok. I read them. I like to sit down and read a cookbook. Is that weird? I enjoy the photography, as well as seeing the ingredient list and the unique combo of flavors it might present. I like to glean. Gather ideas, get hungry for something, and then try my version of it. I'm not much for baking, simply because it is much more of a science than throwing some "stuff" together into a pot.

So, go throw some flavors together and see what happens. When your heart (and stomach) are in it, the results will probably be delicious.

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